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The Arrest, Humiliation, And Crucifixion Of Jesus
04/18/14 | Fidel Gomez    John 10:1    D3103
Recalling the events which took place on that first Good Friday 2,000 years ago, Pastor Fidel Gomez reveals how Jesus demonstrated supreme courage, compassion, and love. Taking us through the arrest and trial, humiliation, and crucifixion of Jesus, we see that it was not the nails that held Christ on that cross, but love.
The Fear Of God
04/16/14 | Special Speaker    2 Corinthians 2:7    D3102
In this message, Pastor Chet teaches us that when God is doing a new thing, we need to forget what lies behind and continue to move forward. We do this by relying on God's great power and great grace—all while maintaining a great reverential fear of our Lord.
The Unshakeable Kingdom
04/13/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Luke 10:1    D1101
Isn't it amazing that, as believers, we get to stand with God as He advances His unshakeable Kingdom? Teaching from Luke 10, Pastor Doug explores the unequal partnership between God and man. This partnership resembles a parent slowing down when doing a task to allow their child to feel as though they contributed. God does this with us so that we may experience the blessing and reward of coming alongside Him.
Night Of Worship And Prayer
04/09/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder       D3101
The beauty of the Body of Christ is best seen as it comes together in difficult times to draw closer to the Lord. It's during these times that hurting hearts are touched with God's hope and are healed as they're directed heavenward. Witness this beauty as Pastor Doug Sauder leads the Church Body of Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale in a time of corporate prayer and worship.
The Power Of Love
04/06/14 | Special Speaker    2 Corinthians 11:1    G5678
In this message our Outreach Pastor expounds on the first and greatest command, Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. A second and equally important: Love your neighbor as yourself.
Your Dead End Is Not The End
04/02/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Exodus 14:1    G5677
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Autobiography Of A Madman
03/30/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Daniel 4:1    G5676
Has pride and willfulness caused you to covet control? Are you always on your mind? Examining the life of King Nebuchadnezzar, Pastor Doug Sauder explores Daniel 4, revealing the pitfalls of pride and the need for us to recognize that what we have is from God and should be used for His glory; this is the ultimate form of humility.
Anchored Hope
03/26/14 | Joey Santino    Hebrews 6:19    G5675
In this teaching, guest speaker Joey Santino reminds us that there will be storms in our lifetime, but Christ is the only one who has the power and authority to calm the storm.
The Sin Solution
03/23/14 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Genesis 3:1    G5674
Like a sinkhole, sin is subtle. Pastor Jerry Sander teaches that sin is like a sinkhole that lays hidden until it suddenly opens up to swallow cars, even houses, whole. He goes on to point out that ever since Genesis 3, Satan has been at work constantly undermining God’s Word.
Lifeguard On Duty
03/19/14 | Pastor Billy Venezia    John 5:1    G5673
What would happen if we completely trusted God? Why do we sometimes resist God's rescuing or guiding arm? As Pastor Billy Venezia addresses these topics, he delivers a challenging message.
You Need To Engage Your Faith
03/09/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    John 19:1    G5672
If you're a Christian, you've exercised faith. As Assistant Pastor Fidel Gomez teaches in John 19, we learn that when your faith is in “neutral,” you can rev up the engine and make noise, but you have to put your faith in “drive” to gain any ground. Listen to this message to learn how to put your faith in gear.
Change We Can Believe In
02/19/14 | Frank Ramseur    1 Samuel 1:1    G5671
In a culture that desperately needs change, guest speaker Frank Ramseur encourages us through the story of Samuel's birth to believe that change is possible when we match our motives to God's, live contentedly, celebrate God's plan as better than our own, and pray with surrendered hearts.
Fossils, Friend Or Foe
02/09/14 | Carl Kerby    2 Timothy 4:1    G5670
Does science undermine or strengthen your faith? In this topical message, Reason for Hope President Carl Kerby exhorts the believer to look beyond the deception and critically evaluate the evidence used by the world and view it from a biblical perspective. When you do this, you'll discover the evidence is consistent with God's Word.
The Mind Of The Skeptic
02/05/14 | Eric Hovind    Psalms 14:1    G5669
There are two world views, the creationist's world view and the evolutionist's world view. The foundation of God's Word and God's truth are under attack from atheists who scoff at the Bible. According to special speaker Eric Hovind, they are not interested in scientific evidence, they are only interested in undermining Christian beliefs no matter how well substantiated.
Persistence Pays Off
01/29/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 10:1    G5668
It's easy to get spiritually tired, and when we're tired it's easy to get distracted and want to turn back. However, if we will imitate the persistence of blind Bartimaeus as described in Mark's Gospel, we will hear Jesus call us closer and see Him display His power and purpose in our lives.
Today Is The Day!
01/22/14 | Special Speaker    Esther 4:1    G5667
Have you ever wondered if you can make a difference? A young woman named Esther did. She started a movement that conquered the Persian Empire with one step of faith. In this message, learn how faith in God is the victory that overcomes the world!
Running With Horses
01/19/14 | Levi Lusko    Jeremiah 12:5    G5666
Using a phrase from Jeremiah 12:5, guest speaker Levi Lusko tells us that God wants every Christian to run with horses--that is, to live a life of courage and adventure, and be ready and willing to serve God in great ways. When we do, we can expect opposition and trials, but it will be worth the challenges, because when our own strength fails, God will do though us what we cannot do ourselves.
Are You Dressed For The Occasion?
01/15/14 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Ephesians 6:10    G5665
Pastor Reuben Ramsaran of our Family Ministry shares a topical message about what it means to put on the armor of God and to be prepared for the uncertain circumstances of life.
Crazy Faith
01/01/14 | Pastor Greg Howard    Hebrews 11:1    G5664
As we celebrate a new year, it's time to take a fresh look at what God wants to do in our lives. Through the biblical examples of Joseph, David, and Jairus, Pastor Greg Howard exhorts us to trust our great God with "crazy faith" in 2014.
Drawn Away By Distractions
12/29/13 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Haggai 1:1    G5663
Can your life be compared to a cluttered closet that you're trying to wedge God into? As Pastor Fidel teaches through the first chapter of Haggai, he demonstrates that you don't have a time problem—you have a priority problem. There's a high price tag attached to squeezing God out of your life.
Displaying 1 through 20 of 536 records.
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