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Night Of Worship
07/23/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Isaiah 6:1    D3114
With Isaiah 6 as a central theme, this special Wednesday night service features an intimate yet jubilant time of worship, interwoven with devotional thoughts from Pastor Doug.
God's Banquet
07/20/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Luke 14:7    D1112
As we dive into the Treasure To Die For series in our Luke Bible study, Pastor Doug shares that Jesus loves a good party! But His invitation list looks differently than ours usually does. While we typically invite people to parties to give our social status a boost, Jesus does the opposite—He invites society's outcasts.
The Vision
07/16/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Isaiah 6:1    D3113
As Lead Pastor Doug Sauder teaches from the Book of Isaiah, we are reminded of God's sovereignty, His holiness, our unworthiness, and His ultimate plan.
Tactical Evangelism
07/13/14 | Chet Lowe     Luke 13:1    D1111
Many people think they know God . . . but they don’t know Jesus! Continuing our study through the Book of Luke, Pastor Chet Lowe explores the concept of tactical evangelism, showing believers that in order to reach the lost, we must know our target, outwit the enemy, pray with compassion, and always be ready.
Choose To Worship
07/09/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Psalms 95:1    D3112
In a culture where we're inundated by choices, the most important choice we can make is to worship God despite our circumstances. Teaching from Psalm 95, Pastor Fidel Gomez explains what it looks like to worship, walk in humility, and choose thankfulness even when we don't feel like it.
Repentance And The Kingdom Of God
07/06/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Luke 13:1    D1110
In this message from Luke 13, Pastor Doug Sauder teaches us what repentance looks like. While repentance is an important first act, it is not a one-time act. Instead, repentance is a continual process that produces visible results.
What's Most Important To God?
07/02/14 | Reuben Ramsaran    Matthew 6:33    D3111
Pastor Reuben gives a timely message that helps us discover what is important to God and how that lines up with what we consider to be important to us.
End Times Servant
06/29/14 | Pastor Chet Lowe    Luke 12:1    D1109
Do you believe we're living in the last days? Drawing from Jesus' words in Luke 12, Pastor Chet Lowe challenges believers to live in a manner that reflects Christ's character—a blessed, loving, strong, strategic, and striving servant—in preparation for His return.
A Story Of Grace
06/25/14 | Phil Metzger       G5684
Guest speaker Phil Metzger shares an inspiring message of God’s grace. Through the use of multimedia, Metzger demonstrates how the gospel and God's grace can reach beyond boarders and cultures.
Is Your Heart Divided?
06/22/14 | Fidel Gomez    Luke 12:13    D1108
A divided heart is the heart of a person who loves God, but is also pulled away by the worries, distractions, and temptations of the world. Starting with the parable of the rich fool in Luke chapter 12, Pastor Fidel Gomez shares how Jesus taught that trusting in God completely for everything you need can free you from the worries of a divided heart.
Nothing Is Wasted By God
06/18/14 | Ed Taylor    Romans 8:28    G5683
Guest speaker, Pastor Ed Taylor from Calvary Chapel in Aurora, Colorado, teaches how the storms, fires, and difficulties of our life can be, and are, used by God to refine and perfect us. Nothing is wasted by Him.
Giving Me Up, To Get It All
06/15/14 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Romans 12:1    G5682
t’s a tradition on Father’s Day to have Dr. Bob Barnes, director of Sheridan House Ministries, give the message at Calvary. In this talk, Dr. Barnes teaches that you worship Christ by living your life as a servant. When this happens, you get to live the life God created you to live.
Fear Factor
06/11/14 | Pastor Jerry Sander    2 Chronicles 20:1    D3110
How do you react when you’re afraid? In this study of 2 Chronicles, Pastor Jerry Sander introduces us to King Jehoshaphat who, when surrounded by the enemy, leads his army into a time of prayer and fasting before leading his soldiers into battle. Battles are won when believers gather together to pray.
The Empty Promise Of Religiosity
06/08/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Luke 11:37    D1107
Jesus continually expressed grace and forgiveness to broken people, but He rebuked the religious leaders of the time who were religious yet filled with pride and hypocrisy. Pastor Doug Sauder defines religiosity as what happens when religion meets hypocrisy, and he challenges us to realize that religiosity is the enemy of a healthy relationship with God.
Don't Get Comfortable
06/04/14 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Philippians 3:1    D3109
As humans we naturally seek comfort. However, in this study on Philippians chapter three, Pastor Chris Baselice challenges us to move beyond being comfortable with what we have, where we are, or who we are.
06/01/14 | Mike MacIntosh    2 Corinthians 2:1    G5681
Guest speaker Pastor Mike MacIntosh shares from the Book of 2 Corinthians on the power of forgiveness. He points out how those who have received Christ's forgiveness by faith have been empowered to show forgiveness in return by becoming better instead of bitter and joyful instead of sorrowful.
The Summit Of Sacrifice
05/28/14 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Genesis 22:1    D3108
When we look up to other seasoned believers, we all too often forget that there is a process that led them to where they are today. In this teaching, Pastor Billy Venezia reminds us that we're all under construction and in the process of being built by the Lord. And many times, that process involves sacrifice.
You Need To Decide
05/25/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 11:14    D1106
Our walk of faith is strengthened when we choose to obey God by making right decisions. In this message, Pastor Fidel encourages us to make right decisions when we are tempted, tested, or provoked.
Compassion Permanence
05/21/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Job 29:14    D3107
Our job, in church, is to spur each other on to do something good. In this message, Pastor Doug Sauder gives listeners the charge to strenuously fight for those who are weak.
Open The Door
05/18/14 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Micah 6:8    D1105
For Orphan Sunday, Pastor Doug Sauder issues a challenge for Christians to take note of the injustice of orphaned and abandoned children and take action to right this wrong in society. Injustice, abuse, and neglect start behind closed doors. Christians are called to swing that door open, shine a light on the problem, and display the courage and sacrifice needed to save and redeem the fatherless among us.
Displaying 1 through 20 of 475 records.
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