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Livin' The Wild Life
11/24/10 | Pastor Clay Hecocks    Daniel 4:1    G5526
God will take you down to get your attention, then raise you back up. The world is upside down and we get caught up in it. Busyness will keep us from God. Look to heaven and be restored.
What's In Your Wallet?
11/10/10 | Pastor Dan Hickling    Romans 5:1    G5525
We are justified by faith in God. By accepting Jesus into our hearts we have the Holy Spirits help everyday to remain holy. We will have trials, but don't let the trial become your master, let it be your servant. Use the time to let God refine you. Heaven is heaven because God's there.
The Importance Of Finishing Well
11/07/10 | Chuck Smith    2 Chronicles 16:9    G5524
King Asa started well and was wooed by prosperity. The Lord shows Himself strong to those whose hearts are totally seeking Him. Are you sold out for the Lord? What's stopping you?
Answers In Genesis
10/24/10 | Ken Ham    Genesis 1:15    G5523
Answers in Genesis to defend the faith.
Taming Your Appetites
10/20/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Proverbs 27:20    G5522
Do you have self control? We want what we want when we want it. How do we develop self control? Our identity is in Christ. Say no to ungodliness.
10/17/10 | Pastor Stephan Tchividjian    Exodus 3:1    G5521
All of us have had or will come to a crossroad in our lives. What about the ones that God isn't in? Will we be obedient to His calling? Let God be our authority. He has a godly purpose for each of us. He wants us to be community, not a lone.
Defeating Discouragement
10/13/10 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Philippians 2:1    G5520
We face a life where the enemy is working to discourage us. Our encouragement comes from the fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord. Don't be conformed to this world, be conformed by the renewing of your mind. God's word really works. Deny yourself and pick up your cross daily.
You Are The Light
10/06/10 | Pastor Chet Lowe    Matthew 5:14    G5519
No Description Available
The Lost Art Of Confession
09/22/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    2 Corinthians 7:10    G5518
Have you ever gotten caught? Busted! What does a Christian do when they are discovered in a sin? We sometimes play the blame game. We need to repent. Our relationship with God hinges on our relationships with others.
Abraham's Faith
09/19/10 | Don McClure    Genesis 22:1    G5517
Has God ever asked you to go? After you went in faith did you have trouble staying there? Going is always more exciting than staying there. Have you heard the voice of the Lord?
Elijah: A Man Of Faith
09/08/10 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    1 Kings 17:1    G5516
What is the treadmill of your life? Is it a job, a boss, a relationship, your family. God allows the hot water of our lives so He can be glorified. Elijah passed the test, will you?
The Life Of Faith
08/01/10 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Hebrews 11:23    G5515
The Bible is the basis for our choices. Each choice has it's consequences. It's either for God or for the world. Moses chose God over the things of this world. Our faith is greater than any fear. Choose the power of God.
God's Family
07/25/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Genesis 1:26    G5514
We are the family of God. Why do we look so different? Every culture turns God into someone they can touch, an idle. We tend to divide into different groups, but we are one group. Let our group, the body of Christ, continue to preach the gospel.
Pursuing Greatness
07/21/10 | Pastor Charlie Halleran    Mark 9:33    G5513
Who wll be sitting closest to Jesus in heaven? Do we compare ourselves to others? The greatest must be last, the servant to all. Be about the work of the Lord, pursuing excellence, washing feet. Serve with the power of the Holy Spirit.
Adversity Is Inevitable
07/18/10 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Chronicles 31:1    G5512
Adversity is just a challenge with an opportunity.Are you born again, then you will tackle the problem with the Holy Spirit. What is it in your life that causes adversity? The storm won't last forever.
The Ultimate Fighter: Jesus Never Tapped!
07/14/10 | Pastor Steve Williams    Hebrews 12:11    G5511
Have you ever been in a life or death battle? We need to prepare for the battle of life. We don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the prince of this world. Don't let your problems prevent you from being all you can be in the future. Remember God is the source of your strength. God is bigger than the odds.
Who Cares?
07/11/10 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Nehemiah 1:1    G5510
Are you indifferent to your fellow man? What do the needs of others mean to you? Nehemiah cared about being used by God. Nehemiah started a revival. Will you be a modern day Nehemiah? Let the Spirit lead you, not emotions.
Expect Greatness While You Wait
07/07/10 | Pastor Greg Howard    Isaiah 40:30    G5509
We live in an impatient world. I want it now is the cry. Does this mentality spill in your relationship with God? We must keep our mind on the Lord. We must wait expectantly on the Lord. He is faithful.
What If
06/19/10 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Luke 10:25    G5508
As followers of Jesus we must be sold out for the gospel. What if we got radical? What if we decided to help someone? Step out and be different. If we are followers of Jesus we are in ministry everyday.
Reputation Restoration
06/16/10 | Pastor Jerry Sander    John 21:1    G5507
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Displaying 181 through 200 of 475 records.
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