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Having A Passion For God
02/27/02 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 22:1    G5165
God wants those who have a passion for Him rather than a mere appearance of godliness. Our exuses include apathy, laziness, ignorance, and procrastination. He loves us passionately; how can we love him casually?
Randy Stonehill Worship
07/27/11 | Randy Stonehill    Matthew 22:34    G5558
Pioneer Christian artist Randy Stonehill shares his songs and encouraging stories from 41 years in Christian music. Pastor Bob follows Randy's music with an exhortation to consider whether the music we listen to and other media we consume helps us better do the one thing God requires of us: to love Him with all our heart, soul and mind. If we make wise choices, we will bear fruit for Him.
How's Your Love?
09/05/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 22:37    G5384
Pastor Doug reminds of the greatest commandment; love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. He gives us 4 points to check: 1.Does your love focus on other people? 2.Does your love have strings attached? 3.Does your love want the best for others? 4.Are you willing to suffer for someone else?
His Will... Will You?
11/07/12 | Pastor Jeff Denis    Matthew 24:6    G5616
Pastor Jeff Denis, regional campus pastor for the Florida Keys, delivers a compelling message about our choices. Namely, our choice to obey God or not. He shares with us some of the hinderances we face to follow God's Word and the importance of setting aside such distractions, determining to focus on the Lord to find the strength we need to obey.
What's Your Priority?
02/26/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 25:15    G5314
God owns everything, our time, finances, talent. He has blessed us with everything we need to give it back to Him to bring Him glory. When we walk in obedience, we will have peace when we stand before God to give an account.
What Kind Of Love Is This?
12/01/13 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 27:26    G5660
What kind of love is it that compelled Jesus to bear our sins and lay down His life for us? Drawing from Matthew 26 and 27, Pastor Fidel Gomez demonstrates that the love of Jesus is so uncommon that, when we allow Him to take His rightful place in our lives, we can experience this unconditional and transformative love.
12/08/13 | Pastor Greg Laurie    Matthew 28:1    G5662
Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside CA explores the Great Commission in Matthew 28. He describes why this call to "Go and make disciples of all the nations . . ." applies to every Christian, and he explains practical ways that Christians can share the gospel and help new believers grow in their faith.
Who Me?
01/19/05 | Special Speaker    Matthew 28:18    G5277
Elements Of A Great Life
08/26/09 | Bob Franquiz    Matthew 3:1    G5464
Who are we in Christ? What is God's plan for us? A great life is full of integrity. Integrity means being an example of Christ. He changes us from the inside out. What is in you will come out. Make sure you are filled with the Holy Spirit and what comes out is pleasing to the Lord.
Winning The Battle Of The Mind
01/16/02 | Geoff Buck    Matthew 4:1    G5163
The secret to winning the battle of the mind is hiding His word in your heart. The progression of sin seen in a chart: temptation, stronghold, tragedy. Temptations counter Gal.5:22. Take every thought captive to Christ's obedience.
Jesus Is Calling
03/29/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 4:1    G5318
Jesus wants to lead us in all areas, but we must let go of distractions in order to move forward. Are you willing to answer His call to proceed on the path He has prepared for you?
Is The Revolution Still On?
05/06/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 4:17    G5369
There are 77 million evangelical Christians and less than half will bring one person to Christ in their lifetime. John the Baptist was a Revolutionary being the forerunner for Christ. We should be the forerunners for Jesus Christ's return! Four points: 1. Where can I bring the Kingdom of God? 2. Do I have eyes to see the Kingdom of God? 3. I should be hanging out with revolutionaries 4. I need to be filled with power from the Holy Spirit
Opposites Attract
03/03/13 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Matthew 5:3    G5629
Boca Campus Pastor Jerry Sander teaches that the Bible doesn't contradict itself, but it does contradict us. The Christian life is challenging and humbling on a regular basis. The response of Jesus is that His grace is sufficient to keep us on the right road toward reward.
Being Set Apart
06/19/02 | Special Speaker    Matthew 5:14    G5176
Jesus wants us to be like a lifeguard who sits up in his tower. He is easily recognized, able to discern true danger, and well-informed. We do this by putting on the Lord Jesus Christ (His kindness, forgiveness, and love).
You Are The Light
10/06/10 | Special Speaker    Matthew 5:14    G5519
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What Touches The Heart Of God?
12/27/09 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 6:1    G5481
What is it that touches God's heart? What grabs your attention and touches your heart? Are you living in light of heaven? What are you storing up here, or are you sending it on ahead? Is money your priority? You can't serve God and money. Money wants to dominate your everything.
Where Is Your Heart At?
12/28/03 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 6:19    G5238
How Much Is Enough?
01/14/04 | Ron Blue    Matthew 6:19    G5242
We only get once chance to manage God's resources and our decisions determine our eternal destiny. Be sure you are making principled decisions, and 5 P's to help you fix your focus. Be sure to be found faithful.
What Do You See?
04/11/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 6:22    G5366
Do you have good eyes or bad eyes? Everyone has a different perception. We have to train our eyes to see like God sees. We should pray Eph 1:17-19- for the eyes of ours hearts to be enlightened. To see things the way God sees them. What is your perception?
The Touch Of Jesus
03/26/08 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Matthew 8:1    G5405
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Displaying 201 through 220 of 500 records.
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