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The Triumphant Touch
08/08/12 | Pastor Joe Ferraro    Matthew 8:1    G5604
God is able and willing to do so much in our lives, but many of us are not experiencing His life-changing power. Drawing from how Jesus healed a leper and from his own testimony, Pastor Joe Ferraro passionately shares how we can truly begin to see God work in our lives as we surrender to Him.
Imperfect People In The Hands Of A Perfect God Pt. 2
04/28/10 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 9:1    G5498
You don't have to be perfect to be accepted by God. We compare ourselves to people in the scriptures. Jesus came for the sinner and we are all sinners. Let God have your life.
Reality: Vision Action Grace
04/25/12 | George Verwer    Matthew 9:35    G5586
George Verwer is the Founder and former International Director of Operation Mobilization, which is a ministry of evangelism, discipleship training and church planting. In this very engaging message, George Verwer shares his story of coming to Christ, the power of prayer, his call to missions, and the founding of Operation Mobilization.
Authority That Attracts
06/13/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Mark 1:1    G5506
Authority is delegated power that comes from someone else. Jesus authority comes from God. People were attracted to His authority. Does Jesus have authority over you? Who's under your authority?
Restored And Forgiven
09/25/11 | Alistair Begg    Mark 1:40    G5565
Alistair Begg, Pastor of Parkside Church near Cleveland, Ohio, and teacher on the national radio program,Truth For Life, teaches from the Book of Mark on the subject of restoration and forgiveness. The ultimate healing that we all can achieve is the healing of our relationship with God, giving us life and saving us from eternal damnation. Ransomed, healed, restored, forgiven, are the attributes that correct our spiritual condition.
Persistence Pays Off
01/29/14 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 10:1    G5668
It's easy to get spiritually tired, and when we're tired it's easy to get distracted and want to turn back. However, if we will imitate the persistence of blind Bartimaeus as described in Mark's Gospel, we will hear Jesus call us closer and see Him display His power and purpose in our lives.
Moral Authority
11/19/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Mark 10:42    G5432
What do you look like when you think no one is looking? Someone is always watching. We are called to be salt and light. Moral authority has to be developed and takes time. Hypocrisy is the way we lose our moral authority.
Seeing Jesus Through A Blind Man's Eyes
10/31/07 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Mark 10:46    G5390
No Description Available
Leap Of Faith
02/29/12 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Mark 10:46    G5582
What is the most memorable moment in one's life? No matter the moment, none will compare to the life-changing impact of receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In this study, Pastor Jerry Sander teaches on the life of one blind beggar who stopped at nothing to come to Jesus and receive the healing and salvation he longed for.
Jesus' Final Week Of Ministry
04/20/14 | Franklin Graham    Mark 10:51    G5679
Jesus now knows he has to go to the cross. He knows it's time to get the job finished. In this Resurrection Day message, guest speaker Franklin Graham shares a message of hope about the greatest day in human history.
Jesus Tossing Tables
07/26/09 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Mark 11:15    G5462
What does it take to make you angry? Is it rightous anger or just self? What table would Jesus want to turn over in your life? Confronting someone in meekness not weakness. Power under control.
Overcoming Betrayal
04/20/11 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Mark 14:1    G5545
At some point in our life, we will be betrayed - it's not a matter of 'if', but a matter of 'when' it will happen. The account of Judas provides a backdrop as Pastor Reuben Ramsaran gives us a topical message on how to overcome this all too common experience.
Sanctified By Prayer
11/06/13 | Pastor Chet Lowe    Mark 14:1    G5657
As Bible believing Christians, we are sanctified by worship, the word of God, and prayer. In this message, we learn how our prayers can acknowledge our dependence on God and give us the strength to fulfill a life of worship.
The Power Of Forgiveness
03/12/08 | Geoff Buck    Mark 2:1    G5402
We're helpless, we know it. Listen to this teaching about forgiveness. Jesus teaches we need to receive and extend forgiveness, before we can ever have the powerful healing of GOD. Healing and forgiveness always travel together, like twins. Through the book of Mark, we discover a paralytic man is brought to Jesus. He's there for healing, instead Jesus forgives him of his sins. Jesus proves forgiveness and healing go hand in hand.
Got Community?
10/07/09 | Pastor Greg Anderson    Mark 2:1    G5469
It is not good to be alone. Be a blessing to one another. Isolation is death to a believer. God's remedy for loneliness is for you to be a part of the community of God. Relationships where Christ is the center.
Stretching Out Your Weaknesses
02/20/08 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Mark 3:1    G5400
Do you have a weakness in your life? How about many weaknesses? Of course you do, we all do. Listen to this teaching and learn how a man's weakness was no match for the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to walk in faith to our Savior, stretch out our weakness, and allow Him to restore and make us whole. The greatest weakness of all is not having Jesus Christ in our lives.
Standing Firm While You Wait
06/09/13 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 5:1    G5637
What should we do when we are waiting on God to answer our prayers? Mark chapter 5 tells the story of Jairus, a man who asks Jesus to come to his home to heal his daughter. Along the way, Jesus is delayed and Jairus gets the news that his daughter has died. Rather than giving up, Jairus chooses to trust God, and then he sees Jesus miraculously raise the young girl from the dead.
How Hungry Are You?
10/23/05 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 5:25    G5304
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Seeing God In The Storm
02/17/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 6:1    G5399
Have you ever been in a rain storm? What about a storm in your life? For believers, those that truly know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, God can use a storm to purify and perfect us. Listen to this teaching and learn how God used a physical storm to purify and perfect the disciples as they were made to take a boat and cross over the Sea of Galilee. Have you invited Jesus into the boat of your life? Without Him, it will be impossible to navigate life's storms. Invite Him in today!
More Than A Picnic
02/25/12 | Pastor Stephan Tchividjian    Mark 6:30    G5581
In Pastor Stephan's teaching entitled "More Than a Picnic," we're taken through the biblical event of the feeding of the five thousand. This extraordinary miracle challenged the disciples to recognize certain attributes of God - that He's generous, compassionate, and orderly. Focusing on these attributes can help us apply and represent God's true character in our modern daily lives.
Displaying 201 through 220 of 455 records.
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