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Dirty Feet...In Need Of Cleaning
03/16/11 | Pastor Charlie Halleran    John 13:1    G5542
When we sin, we need our hearts and lives to be cleansed. Through the biblical examples of Joshua and Peter, Pastor Charlie Halleran reminds us that no matter what we've done wrong, God is willing to clean us up, rebuke our accuser, and help us get back to serving Him.
For The Glory Of The Lord
01/21/04 | Special Speaker    John 12:1    G5243
Glory given requires a surrendered heart-add to your faith. Allow the Lord to work completely as you surrender all to His perfect will. Resolve to glorify Him alone.
Not The Why, But The Who
07/30/08 | Pastor Billy Venezia    John 11:1    G5418
No Description Available
Purging Your Perception
01/28/07 | Pastor Bernard King    John 11:1    G5359
How are you looking at your life? Though the lens of faith or the lens of your flesh? God wants to be exalted in your life. W-Watch instead of worry A-Adjust your attitude I-Interest- God has your best interest in mind T-Trust God for the out come
God's Not Finished Yet!
09/20/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    John 11:1    G5346
We wouldn't think of interrupting a mechanic, barber, cook or surgeon while at work because their work is important. How much more ought we to allow the Living God to complete the work He is doing in our lives. God is in control. Trust Him.
The Sweetness Of Victory-Testimony
01/28/98 | Pastor John Chinelly    John 10:10    G5085
I Live 3 Lives corresponds to video #VG5023
Finding The God Who Found You
01/20/10 | Skip Heitzig    John 1:43    G5485
Jesus picks His team. Men choose to choose God. One must repent and choose God.
The Plan
07/01/09 | Pastor Steve Turner    John 1:1    G5455
Jesus is God's plan. The church is established on the Word of God. What are your motives for going to church?
02/01/12 | Guest Speaker    Luke 9:51    G5579
As a Christian, both what we do and how we follow Jesus' commands holds the same importance. In this spirited-teaching, you'll be encouraged to be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you can receive, do, and continue in His Word.
Jesus Wants To Disciple You
07/22/09 | Pastor Charlie Halleran    Luke 9:23    G5461
Jesus is wanting to disciple us. He invites each of us to come and follow Him. He is the expert discipler. If we want to follow Him we must deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily. Following His will is our cross daily.
The Cost Of Commitment To God:The Flesh
08/07/02 | Pastor Bernard King    Luke 9:23    G5181
A deep, personal relationship with God will cost you something--your flesh. The flesh: 1)Will master your mind which dictates your behavior 2)Produces separation from God 3)Robs your peace 4)Puts you mentally at war with God.
Totally Committed To Jesus
11/26/00 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 9:23    G5128
To follow Christ you must deny self and pick up your cross. Christianity is not easy. 3 areas in life to examine: proper perspective under pressur, under persecution, in priorities. Must allow God to be Lord of all these areas.
Paying The Price For A Personal Relationship With Jesus
04/04/07 | Pastor Bernard King    Luke 9:22    G5365
A personal relationship with Jesus Christ will cost you something. R O D – reminder of deliverance. We must be focused on what God wants and not what man wants. It's going to be a battle and we should not compromise. Remember with Jesus, we can overcome this world.
Biblical Keys To Healing
06/04/06 | Geoff Buck    Luke 7:18    G5326
Consider The Compassionate Heart Of Christ
05/22/11 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 7:1    G5548
Throughout the scriptures - and particularly in Luke 7 for this study by Pastor Fidel - we see the Compassion that Christ has for those who trust in Him, those who need healing, those who are lost, and those who are broken. This message is for anyone who can identify with any of these characteristics.
You Qualify
09/29/13 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 6:12    G5652
Do you have what some people call "personality defects"? So did Jesus' disciples. In this topical message from Pastor Fidel Gomez, we learn that we're the exact kind of person Jesus loves to use. We're approved. We qualify.
Nothing Is Impossible For God
08/12/01 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 5:27    G5153
Jesus is always right on time. We CAN have patience. He CAN use anyone He chooses. We CAN surrender everything we are and have totally to God. We CAN persevere through fire. How? With God ALL things are possible-the simple gospel.
Jesus Can Forgive Your Sins
07/31/05 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 5:18    G5291
Have you ever made a mistake and wished you could go back? Regardless of how we feel, God provides forgiveness when we repent. Admit that we all sometimes need help, persevere through discouragement and fear and receive forgiveness. 20061116carl:1vhs removed from circulation & sold.
Life Interrupted
04/24/13 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Luke 5:1    G5633
In Luke chapter five, Jesus interrupts Peter's routine and calls him to catch men instead of fish. Pastor Billy Venezia encourages us to learn from Peter by allowing God to interrupt our lives, turn our "toys" into tools, and send us on a new mission to glorify Him.
Radical Restoration
11/21/12 | Bill Schott    Luke 5:1    G5618
Living in a fallen world, we can count on daily disappointments with ourselves and others, but God is our Great Redeemer. Drawing from the examples of the Apostle Peter and Mary Magdalene, guest speaker Bill Schott reminds us of God's restorative powers that transforms us to faithful followers empowered to do His will in spite of our shortcomings.
Displaying 201 through 220 of 499 records.
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