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Paying The Price For A Personal Relationship With Jesus
04/04/07 | Pastor Bernard King    Luke 9:22    G5365
A personal relationship with Jesus Christ will cost you something. R O D – reminder of deliverance. We must be focused on what God wants and not what man wants. It's going to be a battle and we should not compromise. Remember with Jesus, we can overcome this world.
What Do You See?
04/11/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 6:22    G5366
Do you have good eyes or bad eyes? Everyone has a different perception. We have to train our eyes to see like God sees. We should pray Eph 1:17-19- for the eyes of ours hearts to be enlightened. To see things the way God sees them. What is your perception?
It Takes A Team Effort
04/15/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Acts 2:41    G5367
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It's All About Jesus
04/25/07 | Geoff Buck    2 Corinthians 11:1    G5368
What's your thing? It should be staying in love with Jesus. Satan will try to decieve you or keep you busy. Your goal should be to stay in love with Jesus. Make a decision and committee to it and there will be a reward. 4 keys to keeping your relationship with Jesus fresh; 1. Keep growing as a christian. 2. Do not love the world. 3. Abide in God's word. 4. Ask yourself, what ever it is, is it righteous?
Is The Revolution Still On?
05/06/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 4:17    G5369
There are 77 million evangelical Christians and less than half will bring one person to Christ in their lifetime. John the Baptist was a Revolutionary being the forerunner for Christ. We should be the forerunners for Jesus Christ's return! Four points: 1. Where can I bring the Kingdom of God? 2. Do I have eyes to see the Kingdom of God? 3. I should be hanging out with revolutionaries 4. I need to be filled with power from the Holy Spirit
Felt Dropped Lately?
05/30/07 | Pastor Billy Venezia    2 Samuel 9:1    G5370
Billy looks at the relationship between King David and Saul's grandson, Mephibosheth, to show us Christ's love for us.
God Finishes What He Starts
06/03/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 28:1    G5371
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Are We Living In The Last Days?
06/06/07 | Joel Rosenberg    Ezekiel 38:1    G5372
Joel Rosenberg talks about his book "Epicenter" and how he searched out the Bible and used the things happening today to write it.
God Finishes What He Starts - Part 2
06/10/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    John 4:1    G5373
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You're Just Like Your Father!!
06/13/07 | Geoff Buck    1 John 3:1    G5374
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The Word "No" Is Not A Concept
06/17/07 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Genesis 39:1    G5375
"NO" is a complete sentence. Dr. Barnes compares Joseph's life with David's life to show us how saying "no" is an important part of our walk with the Lord. Dr. Barnes gives us 8 steps to help us learn that we have to say "no" as a Christian. We need to make sure our "yes" is "yes" and our "no" is "no".
Brownie-Patch Christianity
06/20/07 | Special Speaker    John 14:11    G5376
We are recuited by God to do good works. Are we just displaying the patches or are we living it? Are our good works who we are or what we do?
Mirror, Mirror
06/24/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    James 1:23    G5377
We have to stop and look at ourselves. How would we define us? Are we generous, compassionate? How would our family describe us? Our friends? We should be using God's word as a mirror to look at our charactor.
"When God Calls..."
06/27/07 | Pastor Steve Williams    1 Samuel 3:1    G5378
When God calls us, are we answering the call or sending Him to voice mail?
My Heart, Your Home
07/01/07 | Pastor Bernard King    Isaiah 57:15    G5379
We all sing the song,"Come and make my heart your home" but do we really mean it? Do we give Christ ALL of our hearts? We need to have a contrite and humble spirit. Pastor King gives us 4 steps from the word your; Y-yield: we must yield and surrender all of us to the Lord O-obedience U-united: we must be one with God R-reverence:we must have a fear and respect for God
What Are You Holding On To?
07/04/07 | Dallas Billington    1 John 2:15    G5380
No Description Available
David's Dysfunctional Family
08/01/07 | Don McClure    2 Samuel 13:1    G5381
Pastor Don McClure looks at the personal family life of King David and how it compares to families today. Raising children is the greatest task God gives us. It is harder than commanding an army or running a country. Even great spiritual men from the bible have done it badly. When it comes to our children, to many times we let our flesh take over. Pastor Don says that it's about forgiving and asking for forgiveness.
God's Way Is Better
08/08/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 4:1    G5382
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Will The Real Believers Please Stand Up
08/29/07 | Geoff Buck    1 John 3:23    G5383
Pastor Geoff gives us 3 things that should be in a believers life. 1. Keeping Gods commandments. 2. A life that's being lead by the Holy Spirit. 3. Love for one another. Are you standing up?
How's Your Love?
09/05/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Matthew 22:37    G5384
Pastor Doug reminds of the greatest commandment; love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. He gives us 4 points to check: 1.Does your love focus on other people? 2.Does your love have strings attached? 3.Does your love want the best for others? 4.Are you willing to suffer for someone else?
Displaying 221 through 240 of 537 records.
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