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Practicing Weight Loss
06/10/09 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Hebrews 12:1    G5452
We are all in a race. It's a spiritual race. It's not a sprint it's a marathon. Their are things that weigh us down, so we must cast all our cares on the Lord. He will sustain us. His will is much better than ours.
Time To Be All In
06/19/09 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Joshua 24:15    G5453
What do you trust? You do choose what you serve. What you serve will reveal what you trust. Now is the time to test your tester. Hold onto Him with both hands, keep trusting and He will make your path straight. When has God ever let us down?
A Psalm For Our Time
06/24/09 | Geoff Buck    Psalms 37:1    G5454
God is working on our behalf always. Training us in rightousness. Waiting on the Lord in our trials is diddicult, but God is never late. We must humble ourselves and He will lift us up. God is always there for a blessing, if we are worshipping Him and sometimes when we are not.He is faithful.
The Plan
07/01/09 | Pastor Steve Turner    John 1:1    G5455
Jesus is God's plan. The church is established on the Word of God. What are your motives for going to church?
The Dangers Of Independence
07/05/09 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Chronicles 26:1    G5456
Becoming totally dependent on the Lord is key to our walk. As we seek God we become dependent on His word and the people of God. Pride is the biggest sin that keeps us from serving Him wholeheartedly. Abiding in Him is the remedy for drifting away. Stay close to the Vine.
Warring Against Worry
07/08/09 | Pastor Greg Howard    Philippians 4:1    G5457
Do you root for the underdog? God is in the business of working in the life of underdogs to bring them into a right relationship with Him. We must keep our minds focused on the Lord. Cast all our cares and worries on Him because He loves us. He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our eyes on Him.
From Cripple To Conqueror
07/12/09 | Pastor Bernard King    Acts 3:1    G5458
We are born with a crippling disease called sin. God sent His Son to make us rightous before Him. By His Spirit we have the power to resist the devil. We are God's miracles when we are born again. Prayer is a staple in the life of a believer.
The Offer Still Stands
07/15/09 | Pastor Jerry Sander    John 3:1    G5459
Everyone is a sinner. Jesus call each of us to be born again. Being born is being given a new heart and a new spirit within.
Born For More
07/19/09 | Pedro Garcia    John 14:7    G5460
Are you living your life for God? God puts eternity in our hearts. Each of us need to have a personal encounter with Jesus. Knowing Jesus is knowing His Father in heaven. Get in the game to do good works for God. Don't sit on the sidelines, be a player.
Jesus Wants To Disciple You
07/22/09 | Pastor Charlie Halleran    Luke 9:23    G5461
Jesus is wanting to disciple us. He invites each of us to come and follow Him. He is the expert discipler. If we want to follow Him we must deny ourselves and pick up our cross daily. Following His will is our cross daily.
Jesus Tossing Tables
07/26/09 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Mark 11:15    G5462
What does it take to make you angry? Is it rightous anger or just self? What table would Jesus want to turn over in your life? Confronting someone in meekness not weakness. Power under control.
A Call To Surrender
08/02/09 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 14:1    G5463
The will of God is for you to be His disciple. Choose Jesus over any other relationship in your life. If you love anyone more than me you cannot become a follower of Christ. Deny yourself and pick up your cross daily.
Elements Of A Great Life
08/26/09 | Bob Franquiz    Matthew 3:1    G5464
Who are we in Christ? What is God's plan for us? A great life is full of integrity. Integrity means being an example of Christ. He changes us from the inside out. What is in you will come out. Make sure you are filled with the Holy Spirit and what comes out is pleasing to the Lord.
Set Free
08/30/09 | Pastor Chet Lowe    Galatians 5:1    G5465
What was your life before and after Christ? Jesus mission statement is to set the captives free. We keep ourselves in bondage to the things of this world. It's His grace that sets us free. Live in this freedom. Don't go back.
He Will?
09/16/09 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Matthew 14:22    G5466
Do you put God in a box? God is not predictable. He wants to use your trials to strengthen us. There will be times of correction. Jesus is interceding for us to the Father. Fear will always blind you from seeing God in our circumstances. He wants to speak to us, will we listen?
The Enemy's Purpose Is To Devour You
09/20/09 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    1 Peter 5:1    G5467
Who is your enemy? Pride, discouragement, or anger can be your enemy. We can handle a trial if it's short, but when a long painful trial comes our way we can't find God anywhere. Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God and He will lift you up.
Are You Lenny The Iguana?
09/30/09 | Pastor Steve Williams    Judges 14:1    G5468
Are you stuck on the fence? What has you bound? Complacency, compromise, or just hanging out in the wrong places. Get in the game and off the fence.
Got Community?
10/07/09 | Pastor Greg Anderson    Mark 2:1    G5469
It is not good to be alone. Be a blessing to one another. Isolation is death to a believer. God's remedy for loneliness is for you to be a part of the community of God. Relationships where Christ is the center.
In Jesus: Grace Not Condemnation
10/21/09 | Ed Taylor    Romans 8:1    G5470
Live for God and stop condemning yourself. The longer you walk with the Lord, the more you know you need Him. True refreshment comes from repenting. The grace of God is awesome.
It's Sooo Simple!
11/04/09 | Gayle Erwin    Acts 16:25    G5471
What must you do to be saved? It's simple, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Lay down your life for others. Being a servant to all is the example of Christ.
Displaying 221 through 240 of 475 records.
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