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The Touch Of Jesus
03/26/08 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Matthew 8:1    G5405
No Description Available
The One Factor: One Chasing A Thousand
04/06/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Deuteronomy 32:30    G5406
The Power of one person, The One Factor. Moses being one peson was the one God had chosen to go before Pharoh to lead the Isrealites out of bondage. He was just one person who God used in an extraordinary way. Pastor Bob is just one person but look what God hads done through his life. His life has literally inpacted thousands. Irene Smith is just one person and without her 4 kids ministry would not have been started. What about you, you are just one person. God can work through you too.
Words Of Wisdom
04/23/08 | Geoff Buck    Proverbs 18:1    G5407
No Description Available
You Need To Go Out
04/30/08 | Pastor Geoff Buck    John 20:1    G5408
No Description Available
Christianity And Culture
05/14/08 | Tony Evans    John 4:7    G5409
No Description Available
The Beauty Of Christ
06/04/08 | Geoff Buck       G5410
No Description Available
A Call For Heroes
06/15/08 | Dr. Bob Barnes    John 8:1    G5411
No Description Available
Principles Of God's Provision
06/18/08 | Pastor Greg Anderson    Exodus 16:1    G5412
No Description Available
Agents Of Hope
06/22/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Romans 15:13    G5413
Compassion International Service. Pastor Doug teaches we need to take our hope off of man and everything we put our trust into and put our hope in the Lord. We need to trust in Him and through Him is the only way we can truely find hope.
Ministry Minded
06/25/08 | Pastor Jerry Sander    2 Corinthians 4:1    G5414
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What's Your Story?
06/29/08 | Pastor Greg Laurie    John 4:1    G5415
No Description Available
Get Real
07/02/08 | Pastor Clay Hecocks    Isaiah 1:1    G5416
A Night of Worship with the whole choir. DVD only.
God Has A Way Of Making A Way
07/06/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    1 Kings 17:1    G5417
No Description Available
Not The Why, But The Who
07/30/08 | Pastor Billy Venezia    John 11:1    G5418
No Description Available
Creation In Stereo
08/03/08 | Dr. Thomas Woodward    Zechariah 12:1    G5419
Creation Vs. Darwinism
Sinsights: Insights Into Sin
08/06/08 | Pastor Dan Hickling    Joshua 7:1    G5420
No Description Available
Integrity Test
08/10/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Proverbs 10:9    G5421
In this message by Pastor Doug Sauder, he teaches about integrity and how easy it is to think you're a person of integrity but in reality you're really not. Pastor Doug gives the congregation an integrity test by asking seven different question. The test gives us a demonstration on how hard it is to be a person of full integrity. He uses the books of Psalms, Proverbs and John to explain how and why we should have integrity.
The Youth Revolution
08/13/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    1 Timothy 4:12    G5422
No Description Available
It's Time To Get Off The Fence
08/17/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Revelation 3:20    G5423
No Description Available
Taking A Stand...For God's Design
08/20/08 | John Stemberger    Genesis 1:27    G5424
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Displaying 261 through 280 of 535 records.
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