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The One Factor: One Chasing A Thousand
04/06/08 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Deuteronomy 32:30    G5406
The Power of one person, The One Factor. Moses being one peson was the one God had chosen to go before Pharoh to lead the Isrealites out of bondage. He was just one person who God used in an extraordinary way. Pastor Bob is just one person but look what God hads done through his life. His life has literally inpacted thousands. Irene Smith is just one person and without her 4 kids ministry would not have been started. What about you, you are just one person. God can work through you too.
The Touch Of Jesus
03/26/08 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Matthew 8:1    G5405
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***Not Available***Conversations That Count
03/19/08 | Stuart McAllister    Colossians 4:5    G5404
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Still Am
03/16/08 | Pastor Stephan Tchividjian    Joshua 24:14    G5403
Why are we still Christians? It's easy to lose focus of God with life all it's distractions. In this study Pastor Stephan explains why we need to have a growing understanding of a need for God. We are to be all that we can be but to make sure God gets the glory for it. In terms of relevency God should be number one in our lives.
The Power Of Forgiveness
03/12/08 | Geoff Buck    Mark 2:1    G5402
We're helpless, we know it. Listen to this teaching about forgiveness. Jesus teaches we need to receive and extend forgiveness, before we can ever have the powerful healing of GOD. Healing and forgiveness always travel together, like twins. Through the book of Mark, we discover a paralytic man is brought to Jesus. He's there for healing, instead Jesus forgives him of his sins. Jesus proves forgiveness and healing go hand in hand.
Seeing God In The Storm:Part 2
02/24/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Job 1:1    G5401
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Stretching Out Your Weaknesses
02/20/08 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Mark 3:1    G5400
Do you have a weakness in your life? How about many weaknesses? Of course you do, we all do. Listen to this teaching and learn how a man's weakness was no match for the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need to walk in faith to our Savior, stretch out our weakness, and allow Him to restore and make us whole. The greatest weakness of all is not having Jesus Christ in our lives.
Seeing God In The Storm
02/17/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Mark 6:1    G5399
Have you ever been in a rain storm? What about a storm in your life? For believers, those that truly know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, God can use a storm to purify and perfect us. Listen to this teaching and learn how God used a physical storm to purify and perfect the disciples as they were made to take a boat and cross over the Sea of Galilee. Have you invited Jesus into the boat of your life? Without Him, it will be impossible to navigate life's storms. Invite Him in today!
You Are Special
01/23/08 | Mike MacIntosh    Psalms 119:73    G5398
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My Plans? God's Plan!
01/02/08 | Pastor Greg Anderson    James 4:13    G5397
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Don't Forget The Promise
12/30/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Jeremiah 29:1    G5396
Are you feeling hopeless? In the book of Jeremiah, Pastor Fidel points out to us the reasons why the Israelites, like us, were feeling hopeless and then how God's promise is there to give us hope.
Life Lessons
12/26/07 | Geoff Buck    Luke 2:39    G5395
No Description Available
What Are You Getting For Christmas?
12/19/07 | Geoff Buck    Luke 2:25    G5394
Pastor Geoff shows us three words about Christmas in Luke 2:25-38: Consolation, revelation, and redemption. This is a great message as we wait on the coming Messiah
Staying Strong When Your Faith Is Stretched
11/21/07 | Pastor Jerry Sander    2 Chronicles 20:1    G5393
Pastor Jerry uses some of his testimony and Jehoshaphat's life to show how God will stretch us in order to use us to further His Kingdom. He gives us points in God's word on how to stay strong and trusting in God will get us through.
Attitude Of Gratitude
11/18/07 | Pastor Joel Sonnenberg    1 Thessalonians 5:15    G5392
Pastor Joel shares his testimony and how giving thanks to the Lord in ALL THINGS is how we are to do it.
Living In Light Of Heaven
11/04/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Corinthians 5:10    G5391
Pastor Fidel reads us some lyrics from the past and puts in words that would fit us today. What did we do with the life God gave us? What about God's kingdom? Did we do anything for the kingdom of heaven? We take a look in 2 Corinthians 5 and how Paul's life was used for the kingdom of heaven. How does it compare to ours?
Seeing Jesus Through A Blind Man's Eyes
10/31/07 | Pastor Billy Venezia    Mark 10:46    G5390
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Maximum Impact
10/17/07 | Skip Heitzig    Acts 18:1    G5389
How do we make the most impact in our world? Pastor Skip Hietzig talks to us about 4 different “Ships” that will bring the most impact. 1.Relationships 2.Worship 3.Apostleship 4.Hardship
Walking In Spiritual Victory
10/10/07 | Geoff Buck    1 John 5:1    G5388
Pastor Geoff breaks down 1 John 5 and shows us how we can walk in spiritual victory. He goes through each verse so we can see the assurance God gives us in His word. How we can over come, how God fashioned our days and so much more to equip us for the battle.
10/07/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Lamentations 3:58    G5387
Have you ever been to Paradise? Pastor Doug talks about his trip to Costa Rica and how paradise is not possible here on earth because the fall of man is not too far away from any form of paradise we may think we're in. The earth is groaning for redemption. That is why Jesus came into the world, to redeem us. The scares that the world has on us can be used to heal other people. We were created to be used for God's glory. We need to find a purpose while we wait for our real paradise in heav
Displaying 301 through 320 of 475 records.
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