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Keep It In The Middle And On Top!
02/07/07 | Pastor Steve Williams    Joshua 1:1    G5360
What is keeping you on the edge? When I'm God's man, I will take a stand and step out, even when I doubt. Joshua 1:5. If I'm prepared I won't be scared. I pass the test when I invest. What is the enemy using to lure you to the edge? Fast from it, share it with a trusted friend.
Purging Your Perception
01/28/07 | Pastor Bernard King    John 11:1    G5359
How are you looking at your life? Though the lens of faith or the lens of your flesh? God wants to be exalted in your life. W-Watch instead of worry A-Adjust your attitude I-Interest- God has your best interest in mind T-Trust God for the out come
Jesus, The Ultimate Rest Stop
01/14/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Matthew 11:25    G5357
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Living God's Dream
01/10/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Psalms 139:13    G5356
How do we know we are living God's dream for our lives? 5 points 1. What did you enjoy doing as a child? 2. What have you done in the last year that really energized you? Excited you? 3. Hang out with dreamers. 4.Write down your dream and don't give up! 5.Stay connected to God. Our dream is not limited to a dream. It's for young and old, and most the time we have to wait for it.
He Is Always With Us
12/27/06 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Genesis 39:2    G5355
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Peace, "Is It In You?"
12/17/06 | Pastor Bernard King    Psalms 19:7    G5354
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The Greatest Gift
12/13/06 | Geoff Buck    Matthew 2:11    G5353
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You Really Should Give Thanks
11/26/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Exodus 34:1    G5352
No Description Available
God Is Faithful
11/22/06 | Geoff Buck    Psalms 20:6    G5351
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Cut It Out!!! (An Anointed Amputation)
11/15/06 | Pastor Bernard King    Genesis 17:9    G5350
No Description Available
A Consistent Conviction To Change
10/11/06 | Pastor Bernard King    Romans 12:1    G5349
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Why Be Normal, Jesus Isn't!
10/08/06 | Dallas Billington    1 Peter 2:9    G5348
Our lives ought to radically change when we encounter the Living God. Change should be evident in our giving, living and in our future outlook. Jesus could have lived a "normal" life, but didn't, for us. Will you be different for Him?
Follow Me
10/04/06 | Special Speaker    2 Timothy 3:10    G5347
How do you respond to Jesus' invitation to allow His Lordship over all of your life? He enables us to hear His voice and we must follow in service. What does total surrender look like for you? He is calling. Will you respond?
God's Not Finished Yet!
09/20/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    John 11:1    G5346
We wouldn't think of interrupting a mechanic, barber, cook or surgeon while at work because their work is important. How much more ought we to allow the Living God to complete the work He is doing in our lives. God is in control. Trust Him.
A Bridge Of Hope
09/13/06 | K.P. Yohannan    Mark 9:36    G5345
The nation of India desperately needs to hear of the hope that's found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor K.P Yohannan exposes the immediate and heartbreaking need of India's children. Understanding why God has blessed us to be a blessing to others.
We Need A Downpour
09/06/06 | James MacDonald    Hosea 6:1    G5344
Are you struggling inwardly as of late? Battling restlessness in your relationship with Christ? An invitation to revival requires repenting from sin and returning to God. He is calling us to a revival!
A Whole New You
08/23/06 | Tony Evans    2 Corinthians 3:17    G5343
God's purpose for us is to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ. We must behold intently the Word with an unveiled face by the power of the Holy Spirit for real transformation. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom
Barnabus: The X Factor
08/20/06 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Hebrews 13:3    G5342
Have you ever taken a risk by investing in someone? Sin will cause us to want to give up, but encouragement may be just what is needed in the life of another to help get them where God wants them to be.
The Rip Off Of Religion Vs. The Reward Of Relationship
08/16/06 | Pastor Bernard King    John 3:1    G5341
Have you ever felt like you've been ripped off? Nicodemus became a truly changed man resulting from a real relationship with Jesus. Religion always leave you unfulfilled, relationship is life and peace.
Are You Ready To Quit?
08/13/06 | Pastor Stephan Tchividjian    2 Kings 5:1    G5340
Quit what? Why? Maybe it is a marriage, diet, job or pursuit. Maybe it is something you should quit, but cannot. Understanding the anatomy of surrender is key to renewing your prespective in all situations.
Displaying 321 through 340 of 536 records.
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