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It's Time To Pack Your Bags
02/21/10 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    1 Thessalonians 5:1    G5488
There are a lot of uncertainties in this world. When will the economy turn around? When will I get married? God is the only certainty. Jesus is coming back. We must be packed and ready.
Staying Strong In The End Times
01/04/06 | Geoff Buck    1 Thessalonians 4:13    G5311
Do you love the truth? Are you in love with Jesus? Are you listening to the Holy Spirit? Are you rooted in the found- ations of repentance, water baptism & the Holy Spirit? Are you testing the words of others? Do these to remain strong!
The Key That Unlocks The Door of Deliverance
08/03/05 | Pastor Bernard King    1 Thessalonians 1:5    G5292
Do you want to see change in your life? Just use your key: Repentance. Rationalizing hinders repentance. Required: Conviction of Holy Spirit, contrite heart, brokenness produce a testimony and a witness for God's glory.
The Power Of Grace & Peace
01/22/03 | Mike Potts    1 Thessalonians 1:1    G5202
All are called to be witnesses of Christ. We are able to do this through the Lord's grace, peace, Spirit, power, passion, and perspective. In whatever circumstances, God positions us to witness--in word or deed. Depend on Him.
***Not Available***Conversations That Count
03/19/08 | Stuart McAllister    Colossians 4:5    G5404
No Description Available
Maintaining God's Extreme Make Over
08/11/04 | Greg Howard    Colossians 3:1    G5262
Where Would You Go For Counsel?
08/05/01 | Pastor John Chinelly    Colossians 2:8    G5151
The dangers of psychiatry, psychology, new age, Christian integrationists,& Christian counseling. The sufficiency of the bible for all problems of life/living. Witchcraft, astrology, crystals, ADD, many touchy subjects!
The Secret Power
08/10/05 | Pastor John Chinelly    Philippians 4:13    G5294
The secret is out! Four essentials are vital for fulfilling God's plan for life: Goals-To know Christ and be conformed, Attitude-humble and positive, Perseverance-press towards prize, Strength-realize it only comes from Christ.
Trusting And Praying
05/04/03 | Mike Potts    Philippians 4:6    G5213
In the great and small crisis of life, allow the Lord to: 1)Turn your anxiousness into trust 2)Turn your self- sufficiency into prayer 3)Turn your bad attitude and broken heart into praise and joy 4)Turn your troubled spirit/peace.
Warring Against Worry
07/08/09 | Greg Howard    Philippians 4:1    G5457
Do you root for the underdog? God is in the business of working in the life of underdogs to bring them into a right relationship with Him. We must keep our minds focused on the Lord. Cast all our cares and worries on Him because He loves us. He will keep us in perfect peace if we keep our eyes on Him.
The Most Important Person In The Room
09/04/13 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Philippians 2:3    G5650
Using Paul's life as an example, Pastor Doug Sauder challenges us to live counterculturally by pursuing God's best for others rather than our own selfish ambition.
Defeating Discouragement
10/13/10 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Philippians 2:1    G5520
We face a life where the enemy is working to discourage us. Our encouragement comes from the fellowship with the Spirit of the Lord. Don't be conformed to this world, be conformed by the renewing of your mind. God's word really works. Deny yourself and pick up your cross daily.
Pursuing God With A Passion
12/30/12 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Philippians 1:12    G5621
In this message, Pastor Fidel Gomez encourages us to pursue a passion for God! Although the Lord gives us several things to be passionate about—our family, our talents, our calling, etc.—our primary passion should always be focused on Him. If our passion has grown cold, we need to fan our flame and ignite that passion again.
Are You Dressed For The Occasion?
01/15/14 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Ephesians 6:10    G5665
Pastor Reuben Ramsaran of our Family Ministry shares a topical message about what it means to put on the armor of God and to be prepared for the uncertain circumstances of life.
The Battle Of The Ages
01/12/03 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Ephesians 6:10    G5201
Ephesians 6 gives insights concerning the battles we face. 1)Style of attack-illegal,sly,seductive 2)Substance of the battle-spiritual, not physical 3)Source-Satan 4)Solutions- Stop believing the lies. God's word is the answer.
Strategies Of Satan
07/31/02 | Greg Howard    Ephesians 6:10    G5179
Nehemiah fights the enemy by prayer and always turning to the Lord. The enemy wants to distract us by: 1)Killing our confidence 2)Provoking our pride 3)Sneaking in to separate us 4)Fear and intimidation. Follow Nehemiah's pattern.
Love And Respect
12/06/09 | Emerson Eggerichs    Ephesians 5:33    G5479
Men and women are different. Women say the same thing as men and yet it means something different to each. God has designed our problems to work out for good. Conflict is part of His plan. Men need to love their wives and women need to respect their husbands.
Monkey In The Middle
01/16/13 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Ephesians 5:15    G5625
Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a certain area of your life and whatever you tried to do, you couldn't make progress? Pastor Reuben of our Family Ministry helps us look at this common challenge and how to overcome it with examples from God's Word.
Sermon On The Mouth
11/02/08 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Ephesians 4:29    G5431
The greatest potential for ministry is your mouth. With it you have the power to tear down or lift up. What comes out of you when your squeezed? Be an encourager. Forgive as Christ has forgiven you.
A New Year... A New You!
01/02/13 | Pastor Jeff Denis    Ephesians 4:24    G5622
There's nothing more exciting than faith in Jesus when it's new. Trials and conflicts wear down your faith. But Pastor Jeff Denis teaches us that it's through this testing of your faith, that your faith can be made new.
Displaying 61 through 80 of 499 records.
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