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It's Time To Grow Up
03/08/06 | Geoff Buck    Ephesians 4:11    G5315
Do we really trust God in all aspects of our lives? How do we continue to mature in our faith towards God? Pastor Geoff reveals how the Apostle Paul outlined seven components of God's church to help define the process for spiritual maturity.
How Great Is Our God?
11/23/11 | Bill Schott    Ephesians 3:20    G5573
Have you ever heard the phrase "If you want something, just ask" knowing that it's contingent on who it is you are asking? Sometimes we don't ask because of fear of being disappointed. Our guest speaker, Bill Schott (who is part of the team at Calvary Christian Academy), explores how we can recognize that God is generous and able, should we just ask.
God Wants To Stretch You
12/18/02 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Ephesians 3:14    G5199
God's purpose in stretching us is so that we can experience His fullness to a greater capacity. We must be willing to: 1)Give in to the will of God 2)Give Him everything:every compartment of our heart 3)Give Him praise: He is ABLE.
Created To Work
07/22/12 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Ephesians 2:10    G5600
Does the work you do bring God glory? In this message, Pastor Doug Sauder teaches that God is very concerned about how we work because work is a spiritual endeavor. Our work gives us the opportunity to be living expressions of the God who created us.
Are You Living In The Faith Zone Or The Safe Zone?
08/03/11 | Pastor Jym Kay    Ephesians 2:10    G5560
In this Wednesday Night message starting off with the question "How Big is Your God?", Pastor Jym Kay challenges us to examine our understanding of how big, how capable and how great God is compared to the level of the risks we take to share our faith and do what He has called us to.
Dead Man Living
09/07/11 | Jerry Sander    Ephesians 2:1    G5563
Do we really understand what we have to offer this world around us, to the "zombies" walking around us half-dead? Pastor Jerry challenges us to be aware of the amazing mercy, grace and life we've been given in Christ, and to share it with the dying world around us.
A Prayer of Thanks
11/23/05 | Pastor Bernard King    Ephesians 1:15    G5306
The Grace Of Adoption
04/15/12 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Ephesians 1:5    G5584
On this Compassion Weekend, Pastor Doug Sauder teaches about God's heart for orphaned and vulnerable children. The Bible says in the book of Ezekiel that God had compassion on us and adopted us while we were outcasts. If you are a child of God, you are adopted. God doesn't have any grandchildren or stepchildren, He only has sons and daughters.
Do Not Be Deceived...
09/25/13 | Pastor Chris Baselice    Galatians 6:7    G5651
Pastor Chris Baselice, campus pastor of our Plantation campus, gives us a timely warning on sin. Although most of us are aware of and try to avoid the larger sins in life, he explains it's the little sins that are deceptive and equally dangerous.
Obedience Is Better
09/14/08 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Galatians 6:1    G5425
No Description Available
Are You Dwellin?
01/21/09 | Greg Howard    Galatians 5:22    G5438
God is our Refuge and strength. He is the Vine. We must be dwelling in Him. We must produce good fruit by abiding in Jesus. God loves you.
How To Get Back Your Joy
08/24/05 | Geoff Buck    Galatians 5:22    G5298
Are you lacking this second fruit of the Spirit? Did you know that you can get your joy back? Scripture reveals simple & practical things to do to regain the joy that resides within even in the midst of the storms of life.
Set Free
08/30/09 | Special Speaker    Galatians 5:1    G5465
What was your life before and after Christ? Jesus mission statement is to set the captives free. We keep ourselves in bondage to the things of this world. It's His grace that sets us free. Live in this freedom. Don't go back.
Saved To Be Free
11/05/03 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Galatians 5:1    G5235
At The Cross...
09/27/00 | Special Speaker    Galatians 2:20    G5125
The Lost Art Of Confession
09/22/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    2 Corinthians 7:10    G5518
Have you ever gotten caught? Busted! What does a Christian do when they are discovered in a sin? We sometimes play the blame game. We need to repent. Our relationship with God hinges on our relationships with others.
Tired Faith
04/19/06 | Pastor Stephan Tchividjian    2 Corinthians 5:17    G5321
Is your faith merely a facade? What signs of tired faith are in your life? Rationalizing sin? Being disobedient? Are you critical or jealous of others? There's hope in Christ. In knowing His love, we are compelled to positive action.
Jesus Changes Lives
04/25/01 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Corinthians 5:17    G5139
Spiritual Growth: 7 Marks Of Maturity
07/25/12 | Pastor Greg Anderson    2 Corinthians 5:14    G5601
As kids we all took pride in seeing our bodies grow taller and bigger into maturity, but in our Christian walk, God desires us to grow spiritually. In this informative study, Pastor Greg Andersen shares seven markers to adapt and live by to truly mature in our faith as we represent Christ to a lost world.
The Love Of Christ Compels Me
01/14/09 | Special Speaker    2 Corinthians 5:14    G5437
God is love. This defines His character. He loved us yet while we were still sinning. Nothing can take us out of His loving arms. Can we have an eternal perspective when everything is going wrong? Does the love of Christ compel you to be a new creation?
Displaying 81 through 100 of 499 records.
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