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Answers In Genesis
10/24/10 | Ken Ham    Genesis 1:15    G5523
Answers in Genesis to defend the faith.
God's Family
07/25/10 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Genesis 1:26    G5514
We are the family of God. Why do we look so different? Every culture turns God into someone they can touch, an idle. We tend to divide into different groups, but we are one group. Let our group, the body of Christ, continue to preach the gospel.
Taking A Stand...For God's Design
08/20/08 | John Stemberger    Genesis 1:27    G5424
No Description Available
Leaving An Eternal Legacy
06/20/04 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Genesis 12:1    G5255
Everyone leaves a legacy--what will your's be? Determine to make an eternal impact, give glory to God, and continue to completion. Look at 8 excuses that we often use and recognize that we have a choice. Choose today to serve God!
Wait Training
08/31/05 | Don McClure    Genesis 12:1    G5299
Being Interrupted
03/06/11 | Stephan Tchividjian    Genesis 12:1    G5540
No one likes interruptions. We can't plan for them, and when they happen, we tend to get upset and look for someone to blame. Using examples from the life of Abraham and the temptation of Jesus, Pastor Stephan Tchividjian describes how God often uses interruptions to work out His will in our lives.
Consider Choices Carefully
04/28/04 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 13:1    G5250
On what do we base our decisions? Take a look at the lives of Abraham and Lot to learn the difference between deciding biblically, and the results of plans made without the principles in God's Word.
Cut It Out!!! (An Anointed Amputation)
11/15/06 | Pastor Bernard King    Genesis 17:9    G5350
No Description Available
How Did I Get Here?
12/01/10 | John Ramseur    Genesis 2:1    G5528
Did you ever wonder how you got where you are today? Are you trying to run your own life, even after you committed to the Lord? Quit running and let the Lord be in charge.
The Call To Total Commitment
10/12/05 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 22:1    G5303
20061116carl:2VHSs removed from circulation & sold.
Abraham's Faith
09/19/10 | Don McClure    Genesis 22:1    G5517
Has God ever asked you to go? After you went in faith did you have trouble staying there? Going is always more exciting than staying there. Have you heard the voice of the Lord?
******Not Available******Raised To Run
10/20/12 | Ravi Zacharias    Genesis 25:1    G5612
In Genesis 25, we see the beginning of an enduring struggle between nations, all starting within the four walls of one home. In this message, Dr. Ravi Zacharias walks us through where this family went so horribly wrong and provides some practical insights to avoid such a fate.
God Finishes What He Starts
06/03/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 28:1    G5371
No Description Available
Disobedience Carries Consequences
07/13/05 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Genesis 3:1    G5289
Biblical Christianity is not about rules and regulations, but about relationship with a loving God. God provides danger signs for our protection. Realize-sin is rebellion, Regret your sin-be broken, Return-for a time of refreshing
The Sin Solution
03/23/14 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Genesis 3:1    G5674
Like a sinkhole, sin is subtle. Pastor Jerry Sander teaches that sin is like a sinkhole that lays hidden until it suddenly opens up to swallow cars, even houses, whole. He goes on to point out that ever since Genesis 3, Satan has been at work constantly undermining God’s Word.
God Wrestler
02/12/12 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Genesis 32:1    G5580
Taking a break from our current study through the book of Joshua, Pastor Doug Sauder provides us with a panoramic view of the life and experiences of the patriarch Jacob. We see how God brings Jacob to a crisis in his life - enabling him to come to grips with who he is, to a place of undivided loyalties, and of total surrender to God.
Dirty Like D:Zil
06/22/11 | Steve Williams    Genesis 35:1    G5555
As the message title implies, "D:Zil" [pronounced "dee-zel"] is dirty. Pastor Steve Williams explains the similarities he observed between his lovable dog and our life as a Christian as it pertains to our tendency to let our actions make us dirty and God being able to make us clean...if we are willing.
Conflicting… Walking The Long Road Of Forgiveness
06/27/12 | Pastor Reuben Ramsaran    Genesis 37:1    G5596
What happens to you when you have hurt in your heart? Pastor Reuben Ramsaran teaches that anger and hurt not dealt with turns into bitterness and resistance in relationships. But God has sent the Comforter to bring healing so that your life will be used to bring others salvation.
The Word "No" Is Not A Concept
06/17/07 | Dr. Bob Barnes    Genesis 39:1    G5375
"NO" is a complete sentence. Dr. Barnes compares Joseph's life with David's life to show us how saying "no" is an important part of our walk with the Lord. Dr. Barnes gives us 8 steps to help us learn that we have to say "no" as a Christian. We need to make sure our "yes" is "yes" and our "no" is "no".
He Is Always With Us
12/27/06 | Pastor Jerry Sander    Genesis 39:2    G5355
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