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Doubting Peter
07/11/12 | Eric Purtic    1 Peter 3:15    G5597
Eric Purtic, director of the Ravi Zacharias School of Apologetics, teaches that stating your case about what you believe is crucial as a Christian. Not only will you influence the faith of others, but you'll also watch your own faith grow.
Why Be Normal, Jesus Isn't!
10/08/06 | Dallas Billington    1 Peter 2:9    G5348
Our lives ought to radically change when we encounter the Living God. Change should be evident in our giving, living and in our future outlook. Jesus could have lived a "normal" life, but didn't, for us. Will you be different for Him?
A Renewed Call
07/24/13 | Pastor Joe Ferraro    1 Peter 1:2    G5645
We live in a results-driven world where responsibility can weigh heavily on us and coming up short frequently leads to discouragement, but God is still mighty. Pastor Joe Ferraro reminds us that as we remain faithful to the calling God has on our lives, He is faithful to produce results as He works through us.
No Pain, No Gain
10/20/04 | Ken Graves    1 Peter 1:1    G5267
Are trials wearing you out? Are you truly trusting God? Whose workmanship are you? 2 Peter 1 reminds us that have been given to us exceedingly great and precious promises. So are we living by God's or man's precepts?
Problems With Prayer
08/01/12 | Pastor Chris Baselice    James 5:17    G5603
Are your prayers being answered? Pastor Chris Baselice challenges us to look at four scriptural reasons why our prayers are not answered: prayerlessness, selfishness, sin, and faithlessness.
06/03/09 | Special Speaker    James 5:1    G5450
God delights talking with his children. Become a person of prayer. God puts circumstances in our lives to bring us to pray. He allows these things to get us to become dependent on Him. We must consistently change by the renewing of our minds. Looking like Jesus is the goal.
My Plans? God's Plan!
01/02/08 | Pastor Greg Anderson    James 4:13    G5397
No Description Available
The End Of All Things Is Near
09/10/00 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    James 4:13    G5120
Watch Out For The Poles In Life
05/12/10 | Pastor Steve Williams    James 1:25    G5502
Time waits for no one. Growing up is optional. How does God feel when we are obedient and when we are not? God is trying to teach us to keep pedaling in life and to avoid the poles of life. Jesus is our standard. Keep His commandments.Poles are disobedience and idolatry.
Mirror, Mirror
06/24/07 | Pastor Doug Sauder    James 1:23    G5377
We have to stop and look at ourselves. How would we define us? Are we generous, compassionate? How would our family describe us? Our friends? We should be using God's word as a mirror to look at our charactor.
Making Disciples...Just Do It!
06/08/05 | Greg Howard    James 1:22    G5285
What comes to mind when you hear the term disciple ? Learn about what it takes to be a disciple through youth 678 and Liquid ministries with worship, drama and teachings.
You Need A Make Over
01/11/06 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    James 1:19    G5312
Sometimes everything looks okay on the outside, but major change is needed within. Four basics are needed to truly transform our heart: Hear the Word of God, receive it, respond to it, and remain in it.
The Truth About Joy
07/17/13 | Pastor Chris Baselice    James 1:2    G5643
When you think of the word joy, what comes to mind? Pastor Chris Baselice teaches that joy comes from knowing and serving God. It's not a happy feeling, but a holy work. Those that make the biggest impact experience joy in their lives even when they are suffering through some of life's most difficult trials.
Problems Have A Purpose
12/21/11 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    James 1:1    G5575
Pastor Fidel challenges us to see trials from God's perspective. As we study James 1:2-8, we learn how to understand the realities of and reasons for trials, as well as how to respond with joy.
Anchored Hope
03/26/14 | Joey Santino    Hebrews 6:19    G5675
In this teaching, guest speaker Joey Santino reminds us that there will be storms in our lifetime, but Christ is the only one who has the power and authority to calm the storm.
01/13/10 | Carmen Mayell    Hebrews 4:12    G5484
Engaging people to witness for the Lord. Answering the question is there a God, and is He knowable?
Jesus Is The Door
10/16/02 | Jon Courson    Hebrews 4:1    G5190
8:30 service. The Law was a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ. Don't revert back to religiosity; labor to enter His rest. When you love Jesus, you will become like Him effortlessly. Reading scripture, you are the one in need.
Barnabus: The X Factor
08/20/06 | Pastor Doug Sauder    Hebrews 13:3    G5342
Have you ever taken a risk by investing in someone? Sin will cause us to want to give up, but encouragement may be just what is needed in the life of another to help get them where God wants them to be.
Some Things Never Change
03/11/07 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Hebrews 13:1    G5363
No Description Available
Lessons From The Jungle
11/09/11 | Dan Houmes    Hebrews 12:11    G5572
What can we learn from a wartime military fight in a jungle that took place over 40 years ago? Dan Houmes, who ministers through marriage and family counseling, shares his testimony of the lessons he learned through his experience in the Vietnam War.
Displaying 21 through 40 of 499 records.
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