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The Sweetness Of Victory-Testimony
01/28/98 | Pastor John Chinelly    John 10:10    G5085
I Live 3 Lives corresponds to video #VG5023
The Pool Of Misery
11/08/98 | Gayle Erwin    John 5:1    G5096
Jesus found the lame man & healed him on the Sabbath. Jesus is looking for people who want to be found, touched & healed. Jesus finds those who could not help themselves. Jesus wants to set you free.
Why People Do Not Come To Christ
11/18/98 | Pastor Greg Laurie       G5097
4 excuses people give for not coming to Christ.#1 Why does God allow tragedy.#2 Jesus is the only way? #3 How could God send people to hell? #4 Too many hypocrites.Jesus' answer is in John 3:19 Because they love Darkness. VG5055
The End Of All Things Is Near
09/10/00 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    James 4:13    G5120
Partly Cloudy
09/13/00 | Bob Franquiz    Exodus 13:20    G5121
I Pride
09/17/00 | Don Dukes    2 Corinthians 10:4    G5122
K.P. Yohannan
09/20/00 | K.P. Yohannan       G5123
His Branches
09/24/00 | Pastor Mark Davis    John 15:1    G5124
At The Cross...
09/27/00 | Special Speaker    Galatians 2:20    G5125
The Nature Of Jesus
10/29/00 | Gayle Erwin       G5127
Totally Committed To Jesus
11/26/00 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Luke 9:23    G5128
To follow Christ you must deny self and pick up your cross. Christianity is not easy. 3 areas in life to examine: proper perspective under pressur, under persecution, in priorities. Must allow God to be Lord of all these areas.
Counting The Cost
01/21/01 | Wes Bentley       G5131
Severe conditions of Sudan. Watching a God of miracles at work in an extrememly dangerous area for Christians. A testimony of Wes Bently
Keys To Experiencing God's Presence
01/24/01 | Doug Rasku       G5132
Are You Happy?
01/31/01 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Psalms 1:1    G5133
Teaching on true happiness based on Psalms 1. Focus on vs1-Relationships, vs2-Responsibility, vs3-Result, and vs4-Rejection.Key statement: impossibility+urgency=opportunity
Cross Culture Evangelism
02/14/01 | Keith Wheeler       G5134
Life Style Evangelism
03/07/01 | Danny Lehmann       G5135
When Life Doesn't Seem Fair
03/25/01 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    Acts 16:1    G5136
Proper perspective amidst persecution provides opportunities for witnessing and promotes patience, perseverance, and peace in your life. Everything that happen s has purpose. He's all we need, even when He's all we have.
American Friends Of Ariel,Israel
04/16/01 | Benjamin Netanyahu       G5138
Monday Night. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Pastor Bob, and Mayor of Ariel speak concerning the Jewish right to the land of Israel.
Jesus Changes Lives
04/25/01 | Pastor Fidel Gomez    2 Corinthians 5:17    G5139
The Forgiving Father
05/23/01 | Owen Ridgeley    Luke 15:11    G5141
Youth led service.
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