Message Date: 07-May-11
Pastor: Bob Coy
Message Title: How Alarming

Scriptures: Joel 2, 3:14-16 Rev. 6:12-14, 1Cor.1:4-9, Isa 2:12, 13:6-9, Matt 24:29-42, 1 Thess 5:1-11

Recommended Launch Question(s): How do you react when your alarm clock goes off in the morning? Are you a morning person?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): Tell us about the last un-expected alarm that went off in your life. Did God use this to his glory? Tell us about that.

Pastor Bob said that God wants us to wake up. What are the areas of your life that you know that God wants you to wake up?

After we wake up spiritually, we are to get up. What does it mean to you to get up spiritually?

God has called us to love others. What are some random acts of love that we can do to those in our life?

Why do you think it is important for us to regularly recall all the blessings God daily showers on us?

As we ponder the advent of Judgment Day, how should that change our urgency to witness to those who don’t know Jesus as their savior?

Recommended Summary Question(s): As you see more and more signs of the end of the world around us, why is it more and more important to wake up and get up in our faith?

Recommended Application Question(s): Share with the group your thoughts about the end of world and the judgment of God. How have these changed over your lifetime?