Message Date: 18-Feb-12
Pastor: Bob Coy
Message Title: Victorious, a Study Through the Book of Joshua

Scriptures: Eph. 6:12, Joshua 6:1-27, 2Cor.10:3-5, Phil.3:12

Recommended Launch Question(s): The Bible states that our battle is not against flesh and blood. What does this mean to you? How have you experienced this?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): Have you discovered a way to resist temptations? If so, what is that? How has it worked for you?

Has God ever spoken to you? How did he do it, and what did he say? Was it something that at first sounded strange to you?

If God had given you the command to march around Jericho in order to conquer it, how would you react?

What have you conquered in your life by allowing God to lead you through it?

Were there times in you life that you experienced attacks on your faith? Have you learned how to resist these attacks?

Pastor Bob said we all lead someone. Who is it in your life that you lead? Who do you follow?

God commanded Joshua to lead the people around Jericho seven times before the walls fell. Why do you think it was seven times instead of just one time?

When was the last time God did not answer your prayer in your time and/or your way? How patient are you with this?

Recommended Summary Question(s): Do you have someone to whom you are accountable to live a Godly life? If so, how does that work for you?

Recommended Application Question(s): Satan likes to attack us at our points of weakness. Have you recognized this and put hedges in your Iife to resist these attacks? What are some ways to do this?