Message Date: 31-Mar-12
Pastor: Bob Coy
Message Title: Victorious, a Study Through the Book of Joshua

Scriptures: Judges 21:25, Joshua 10:15-26, 40, 11:1-9, 23, Acts 1:8, Psalm 20:7

Recommended Launch Question(s): Pastor Bob said that today our society thinks it is more important to be politically correct than to be morally righteous. What recent examples of this do you have?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): What reactions have you had from people in your life who are not saved to your world view? How have you been able to defend your faith?

What are some policies of our government that are against God’s Word? How do you react to those as a Christian?

Pastor Bob said that when it comes to our faith, we need to be more bold and less bewildered. What does that mean to you? How can you apply this to your life today?

Do you purposely put on God’s armor daily to equip you for the challenges you will face? If not, how much more effective do you think you could be if you did?

As you have grown in your faith, have you learned to depend on God more and on yourself less? If so, how so?

Recommended Summary Question(s): What are some things (that you can talk about) that you have given up after you received Jesus as your Savior? How difficult was this to do?

Recommended Application Question(s): Have you ever felt like you missed an opportunity to witness to your faith in certain situation? What was that situation? How could you have done that differently?