Message Date: 05-Mar-11
Pastor: Stephan Tchividjian
Message Title: Being Interrupted

Scriptures: Gen 12:1-5, Luke 19:1-10, Acts 9:1-9, James 1:12-18, Gen.3:1-10

Recommended Launch Question(s): How do you feel when someone interrupts a story you are telling? How do you react to that?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): What are the common interruptions you experience at work or at school?

When you plan your day, have you ever allowed time for the interruptions that are sure to come your way? If you do, how can that make your day go better?

In what ways have you observed that attempts were made to stifle the work of God?

Have you ever considered that the interruptions in your life are there for a good purpose or purposes? Discuss this with the group.

Pastor Stephan noted that God interrupted Abram’s life by calling him to go to a different land. What other examples are there in the Bible of people having their life interrupted by God’s calling?

In reflecting on your life, how have you interrupted your own progress and/or development?

Have you ever been interrupted by and followed something that was not of God? How did that happen?

Recommended Summary Question(s): Has God ever interrupted your life by calling you to something different than what you had planned? How did you react to that?

Recommended Application Question(s): Discuss ways to improve your reactions to the interruptions you experience in the different areas of your life. (i.e. work, school, marriage, family, etc.)