Message Date: 23-Jun-12
Pastor: Fidel Gomez
Message Title: Dealing with Disappointment and Discouragement

Scriptures: 1 Kings 19:1-8

Recommended Launch Question(s): What were the circumstances the last time you were disappointed or discouraged?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): Was there ever a time you were disappointed with God, thinking He had left you? Did you eventually restore your relationship with Him?

Did you ever experience a disappointment only to find out the whole situation was a misunderstanding?

Why do you think we say we are fine when we are not really fine? What would happen if we would tell people when we are not fine?

Tell us about a high point and low point in your faith.

When was the last time you feared something? Was the actual outcome as bad as you had feared?

How can re-counting God's faithfulness and blessings for us in the past reduce our fear for the future?

Have you ever experienced disappointment by comparing yourself to someone else? How did that happen?

Do you handle difficult circumstances differently now than you did earlier in your life? Can you give us an example of that?

Recommended Summary Question(s): Have your times of discouragement been less frequent as you have come to know God better? If so, how has that worked for you?

Recommended Application Question(s): Tell us about a time God did a work in you or blessed you as a result of a disappointment.