Message Date: 14-Jul-12
Pastor: Jerry Sander
Message Title: Soul Survivor

Scriptures: Psalm 23:1-6, 1 Tim.6:6

Recommended Launch Question(s): In what ways have you witnessed our church help someone in our community? How did that affect that life?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): Why is our reputation so important? How have others commented on yours in the past?

Has someone ever come to you when they needed help? If so, what happened? Why do they come to you?

When you hear “The Lord is my shepherd”, what does that mean to you? How have you experienced Him in that role?

How content are you with your place in this world?

Do you allow for sufficient rest in your present schedule? If not, what could you change to get more rest?

How persistent are you in continuing to pray when God does not seem to be answering?

Has God ever delivered you from some bad experience? What was that?

Have you been able to remove most fear (worry) from your life? If so, how have you done this?

Recommended Summary Question(s): Has God ever spoken to you during a time of your rest? If so, what happened?

Recommended Application Question(s): We should live our life in thankfulness and gratefulness for what Jesus has done us. What one more thing could you start doing now to be more thankful?