Message Date: 25-Mar-06
Pastor: Bob Coy
Message Title: Steward Or Owner?

Scriptures: 1 Chron 29:16; Rev 4:11; Psalm 50:7-15; Ex 35:21-36:7; Psalm 37:5; Prov 16:3: Acts 17:24; 1 Cor 8:6; 1 Chron 29:1-16; 1 Cor 6:19-20; Matt 26:9; Num 7

Recommended Launch Question(s): How have you experienced personally the special work that God is doing at Calvary Chapel?

Recommended Guiding Question(s): How does it make you feel that we have a chance to personally be involved in the journey? How do you feel about filling out commitment cards?

Have you ever made a financial commitment to the Lord in the past? What happened in your life as a result?

Have you accepted the fact that God really owns it all? How did that come about in your life?

How has it been freeing when you finally understood that God owns it all?

Tell us about what happened when you gave unwillingly and willingly to God?

How has someone else’s generosity affected your attitude towards giving?

Recommended Summary Question(s): How is your heart being stirred by God in regards to the Until The Whole World Hears journey?

Recommended Application Question(s): What gifts or talents has the Lord given to you that you could use on this journey? How are you going to consecrate yourself to the Lord this day?